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Water Sports is one of the great Bali Activities offercomprehensive range of marine activities with great challenges, exciting anddesigned full of fun in Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. It is offers variety of wateractivities from motorizes until non-motorize one and bring you to unforgettableexperience to enjoy fun activities in the beach or in the ocean.

A favorite tourist attraction while on vacation in Bali is visiting white sand beach attractions. If in the afternoon travelers like to have a holiday to Kuta beach Bali, to be able to see the sunset view. However, in the morning travelers prefer to have a vacation to the shore of Tanjung Benoa white sand beach. Visiting Tanjung Benoa beach in the morning is to try the marine sports leisure activities. Aquatic sports in Tanjung Benoa better known as the Tanjung Benoa watersport Bali. For local or foreign tourists who have visited Tanjung Benoa Bali, must have tried Tanjung Benoa water sports attractions as their activities in Bali. There are many types of rides for Bali watersports at Tanjung Benoa beach at different prices. However, from all the choices of Tanjung Benoa watersports rides, the most challenging is the Bali flying fish game.


Tanjung Benoa Beach Nusa Dua, offer crystalclear seawater and a gentle wave. It is very suitable for water activities suchas seawalker Bali, especially in the morning, due to the air is fresh in themorning, and the sun is also not too hot. To get to Tanjung Benoa beach, youwill need about 15 minutes of driving, from Ngurah Rai Airport. The locationsof Tanjung Benoa beach, very near to Nusa Dua resort area, which is the centerof hospitality industry area in Bali.

Seawalker30 MinutesIDR 800.000/ Person

Fly Board

Once you know about Bali Flyboarding on how it work, for sure you will have this question, where is the location of Flyboarding rides in Bali? For now, the Flyboarding rides in Bali are available in two areas in Bali. Namely on the Sanur beach and the Tanjung Benoa beach Bali.

For the Bali Flyboarding location between Sanur beach and Tanjung Benoa beach, travelers prefer to try flyboard rides at Tanjung Benoa beach. Because on Tanjung Benoa beach, travelers can find other marine sports activities besides flyboarding. Tourists better know the marine watersports activities at Tanjung Benoa beach as watersport Tanjung Benoa Bali. If you want to know the marine sports game choice and the price of Tanjung Benoa watersports Bali, please click the link below!

Fly Board15 MinutesIDR 950.000/ Person


Are you on holiday in Bali or planning to have a holiday in Bali? If you answer yes, then for sure, you are looking for better things to do in Bali. While every people have their opinions on the best things to do in Bali, depend on their liking. So if you love to have marine adventure activities and want to see the beautiful underwater scenery in Bali, the easiest one is snorkeling Bali activity.

Snorkeling1 HoursIDR 350.000/ Person


Parasailing very attractive for local and foreign tourists, and especially traveler from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, and Indonesia. Like a free bird flying in the air while enjoying the beautiful sea view from the sky. In case you want to know more regarding Bali parasailing at Tanjung Benoa beach.

CategoryDuration Rate
Parasailing Adventure6 MinutesIDR 600.000/ Person


Almost all of you must have heard about theJet Ski ride event. Water sports activity that uses a motor vehicle in thewater, like riding a motorcycle on the highway. Furthermore, local and foreigntourists love to try Jet Ski at Tanjung Benoa beach. Primarily for the youthwill have more enthusiasts in riding Jet Ski Bali on open water.

Jet Ski with Instructur15 MinutesIDR 350.000/ Person

Flying Fish

For those of you who have visited TanjungBenoa beach Bali, for sure you have seen or perhaps have tried the Bali flyingfish Watersports game at Tanjung Benoa beach Bali. However, if you nevervisited Tanjung Benoa Bali, you will wonder! What is the Tanjung Benoa Baliflying fish and how is it the game work?

Flying fish 2 x FlyIDR 350.000/ Person

Banana Boat

While every day, many local and foreigntourists tried Bali banana boat ride activities. Also, the banana boat canaccommodate four passengers and one professional guide. The banana boat ride islike horseback riding. The banana boat pulled by a speedboat around the beachcoastline. Usually, the speedboat driven by one or two guides. If you join thebanana boat ride at the Tanjung Benoa beach, for one round, the duration is 15minutes.

Banana Boat15 MinutesIDR 180.000/ Person

Rolling Donuts

Bali rolling donut activity, to those people who never try it, surely there will be a question in their mind. First of all, on this page, we will explain to you about one of Bali marine sport at Tanjung Benoa Bali.While doughnut, a word that familiar to our ears. The shape is round, and in the middle, there is a hole. However, on this page, we do not write about Doughnut as food but a rolling donut as a water sports activity in Bali. If you go to Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali, you see a new game called Bali rolling donut. These are not a set of eating donuts.

Roullette Doughnut15 MinutesIDR 250.000/ Person

Included :

  • Equipment,
  • Guide,
  • All Activities Covered By Insurance ( PT. Jasa Raharja Putera )
  • Free Transfer Hotel ( with Minimum Booking made 2 pax with 3 activities or more )
  • Transfer Hotel Area : Ubud, Nusa Dua, Seminyak, legian, Jimbaran, Sanur
  • Payment Sistem : Cash Basis

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