One of the attractions in Bali that you should visit during your holiday in Bali is Ubud village. We recommend you visit Ubud during your holiday in Bali for several reasons. Ubud offers many exciting attractions and thrilling holiday activities. Also, Ubud is great if you love nature, art, and cultural tourism, especially art painting and traditional dance.

Barong Dance
Entrance Ticket : USD 10 / Person
The name of Barong dance is certainly familiar in your ears. This is one of the traditional Balinese dances that is still preserved until today. This dance is presented with a mask and costume that can be worn by up to two people. Barong symbolizes the manifestation of spiritual beings in Hindu mythology believed by the Balinese people. Therefore, this dance is considered sacred because it contains spiritual values ​​in it.

Barong Dance Ubud

Entrance Ticket : USD 15 / Person
Our Ubud Jungle Swing tour is combined with the best of Ubud’s temples and waterfalls to allow you to experience the best of Bali in only half a day, Take a ride on the famous Ubud Bali swing where you’ll be able to snap a ton of great pictures.

Swing Ubud

Entrance Ticket : USD 5 / Person
Bali coffee plantation ubud will explain coffee process.To keep the coffee aroma, all processes are made from a natural process, drying coffee beans using the Sun and the process of roasting coffee is still using the firewood. This process keeps the coffee always in best quality.

Coffee Plantation

Entrance Ticket : USD 3.5 / Person
This huge cave, also a Buddhist temple, is covered in carved stories and sacred figures. The temple features a large bathing pool, built to cleanse the soul and ward off evil spirits, so legend has it.

Goa Gajah

Entrance Ticket : USD 3.5 / Person
Have a chance to see the Holy spring water blowing from the ground and inner pool temple site of Tirta Empul!
On the 2nd layer of the temple we are able to see people in line to put their head and drink the water from the showers along the wall side of the pool
The waters are believed to have magic curative powers and people journey from all over Bali to purify themselves in the clear bathing pools

Tirta Empul Holy Water

Entrance Ticket : USD 2 / Person
Being in the waterfall area is very cool because it is surrounded by shady trees. Starting from the bushes, branching trees, and don’t forget the coconut trees also enliven the atmosphere. The combination of green with clear waterfalls is a perfect sight.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Entrance Ticket : FREE
Ubud Palace (Puri Saren Agung Ubud Royal Palace), one of the attraction in Ubud that you should visit. The Royal Palace in Ubud offered interesting and unique things to see during your holiday in Bali. Also, Ubud Royal Palace loved by many tourists who have a vacation in Ubud Bali. Therefore, many tour agencies offer tour package with visiting Puri Saren Palace Ubud listed on their tour itinerary.

Ubud Palace

Entrance Ticket : FREE
Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud Park is a little different from other famous temples in Bali. but this temple has a large pool of pink lotus flowers and a neatly arranged water park. This lotus pond is the main attraction of Saraswati temple.
There are also many frangipani flower trees adorning the edge of the pond and there is a bridge that connects the outer area of ​​the temple to the main gate area of ​​the temple. so when you cross the bridge you will see many statues lined up at the edge of the bridge. Then you will see the beauty of the main gate with three large doors with golden ornaments.

Saraswaty Temple

Entrance Ticket : FREE
The Ubud Art Market should be on your list of the best things to do in Ubud. Located in the center of Ubud, the traditional Ubud market offers tourists the best shopping experience. Here you can buy all the good things for souvenirs or for daily life. All the good things that you will find out, such as beautiful shirts with bintang signs, barongs, and acts, silk scarves, statues, kites, handmade woven bags, baskets, or hats, and many other hand-crafted goods.

Ubud Market

Entrance Ticket : USD 5 / Person
As a tourist attraction in Bali, Ubud Monkey Forest is most of the time listed as Ubud Bali’s thing to do. Especially tourists from India, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, European, Australia, and China. Due to its being very iconic and represents the impression of Ubud tourist attraction as a whole. Also, Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the preserved green areas in Bali. While inside the forest area, there is a sacred Balinese Hindus temple, call Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal.

Monkey Forest

Entrance Ticket : USD 2 / Person
Tegalalang rice terrace is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ubud . If you’re planning a trip to Bali, you have to add a visit to the rice fields of Ubud to your itinerary.

Tegalalang Rice terrace


Included :

  • private car
  • driver ( English Speaking )
  • fuel/petrol
  • mineral water on the car
  • Fee Parking

Not Included :

  • Food ( own Expenses )
  • Entrance Ticket destination ( own Expenses )

Ubud Option 1
– Barong dance ubud
– Swing
– Coffee Plantation
– Goa Gajah
– Tirta Empul
– tegenungan Waterfall

Ubud Option 2
– Ubud Palace
– Saraswaty Temple
– Ubud Market
– Monkey Forest
– Swing
– Tegalalang Rice terrace

Noted :
– Our Staff would be happy to take the documentation for you
– As with any temple visit in Bali, women during their periods are forbidden entrance and wearing a sarong and waist sash is mandatory. These are available for rent at the entrance.

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