One Day Trip To West Nusa Penida

One Day Trip Nusa Penida –  Nusa Penida is the name of an island that is precisely located in the southeastern part of the island of Bali. Nusa Penida and Bali are only separated by a strait called the Badung Strait. Nusa Penida itself actually contains several small islands such as Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Penida is an area of ​​the island with the largest area. While Nusa Ceningan is the smallest island. The foreign tourists will usually always come to Nusa Lembongan to enjoy vacation time. Nusa Penida has always been a choice of tourist attractions in Bali that must be visited.

If you come to Nuda Penida, then please visit some attractions such as:

Kelingking beach Located in West of Nusa Penida Bali, this one beach is not very wide.But you can see the view of this cliff of paluang or dawa from above. if you want to go down to meet the clear white sand, you have to spend extra mental and energy to get to the bottom, it takes 20 minutes to get to the bottom, but after getting down, your fatigue began to fade for watching the scenery is so beautiful, and you can swim as much.

At Kelingking Beach, there is a famous place for diving named Manta Point. In depth under the sea visitors at Manta Point visitors can dive and watch the Manta fish (the largest stingray in the world) swimming freely with them. This is what makes Manta Point at Kelingking Beach a must-visit place to experience the sensation of swimming with dozens of Manta rare fish.

Broken Beach has its own uniqueness. You can see the cliff in the center of the hole. Or a translucent tunnel. Sea water into the hole, so the water is like trapped in the middle of the tunnel. The shape can be practically circular with high cliffs around him. If you come here in the rainy season, at that time the grass begins to flourish, then the scenery around it will look green. But if you go there during the dry season, then the landscape will be barren.

But although arid, but still fascinating. Anyway really good, it never hurts to try to vacation to Nusa Penida. On top of the hollowed cliff, above it looks like a bridge and you walk on it. Maybe your holiday to Nusa Penida will be more fun if with friends or family. Pasih Uug or Broken Beach adjacent to Angel’s Billabong.

Angel’s Billabong is an offer of Nusa Penida Island. The word Billabong taken from English means “The End Of A Deadly River”. This place is the final estuary of a river on the island of Nusa Penida which empties first before the river water to the ocean off. At the mouth of this river the water surface is very calm and clear.
In addition there are also overdrafts that form a pond naturally very beautiful and beautiful and may not necessarily be found elsewhere. Typical artistic and rocky yellow green will add to the exoticism of Angel’s Billabong. This place is next to Pasih Uug. Visitors can swim and relax but not recommended when big waves to avoid being dragged by sea water.

Crystal Bay is the name of the beach located in the southwestern part of Nusa Penida. The water is crystal clear so we can see coral reefs and marine animals from the water surface. White sandy beach with a 1 kilometer stretch surrounded by green hills, making Crystal Bay as one of the prima donna tourist destination.

Located in Penida Bay, precisely in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village. Distance from Nusa Penida Port about 15 kilometers with 30 minutes travel time. There are many things that can be done by tourists, sunbathing or just enjoy the beauty of the beach. Some people who have a hobby of fishing, can try some fishing spots.

Local tourists are usually more interested in swimming on the beach. While foreign tourists, mostly doing snorkeling and diving to enjoy the underwater natural charm. They are amazed by the beauty of coral reefs and marine biota are still awake. Dozens of speed boats drove tourists docked to the beach carrying a group of divers.


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